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Equality and diversity

Equality matters to us. We want our borough to be an outstanding place to live, invest and bring up families. At the heart of our approach is fair treatment and equal opportunity.

Equality is embedded throughout all of our services. It is not an extra piece of work, but part of our day-to-day life, each and every day and in everything we do. Our Equality and Diversity policy explains the Council's commitment to equality of opportunity and respect for diversity in its role as a provider of quality services to the people who live, invest and bring up families in South Tyneside, as a significant employer in the local economy and in its community leadership role. We recognise that South Tyneside is a diverse place and this policy seeks to promote this by valuing the uniqueness of each individual.

Other links on this page provide access to a wide range of equality information relating to South Tyneside. We aim to develop this resource, continuously updating the information available, to monitor, evaluate and drive progress.

The Council welcomes your feedback (comments, compliments and complaints) on how well we are implementing this policy in the services we deliver to the public.

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