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Best start in life for children and families

We have ambitious plans for South Tyneside and a relentless focus on delivering them - improving outcomes for children and families is at the heart of these plans as we strive to make South Tyneside an outstanding place to live, invest and bring up families.

Partnership working has always been a real strength in South Tyneside and the members of the South Tyneside Partnership all share our determination to drive long-term prosperity, whilst protecting the most vulnerable.

Best Start in Life Strategy

Since 2007, the Council and partners working with children and families have come together to produce a strategy document outlining how we will support our children and young people.  This has now been refreshed and relaunched as our Best Start in Life Strategy 2017-2020

The latest strategy focuses on three key priorities, which are viewed as being critical to the future prosperity and wellbeing of children and families:

  1. Safer and stronger families
  2. Enterprise Learning and Skills
  3. Healthier Communities

The strategy covers a three-year period, but will be subject to an annual refresh of its commissioning and delivery plan.

View the Best Start in Life Strategy586.74KB

Our Best start in life vision130.68KB is underpinned with priorities and obsessions that supplement our 3 year strategy.

We will build safer and stronger families through targeted early help and support, protecting children and young people at risk, and give our looked after children the best start in life.

We will improve enterprise learning and skills opportunities through continuing to provide high quality early years and educational settings, providing support for those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and working together to provide high quality training and employment opportunities.

We will support the development of healthier communities by protecting the health of our residents, promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing risk-taking behaviours.

With a strong political, managerial and partnership infrastructure, we look forward to the coming years in South Tyneside, where every child has the best start in life.

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The best start in life

We're working to give the children of South Tyneside the best start in life.

Find out about our wide range of services for children and families. We want to build safer and stronger families, provide increased opportunities for enterprise learning and skills within healthier communities.

The best start in life

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