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What will happen with my petition?

Acknowledging your petition

We will respond to all petitions that meet the criteria set out in the Council Constitution2.34MB. We will be as flexible as we can when handling your petition so that it is considered quickly and in the most appropriate way.

  • We will acknowledge your petition within 10 working days of receiving it
  • We will let you know the name and contact details of the Council officer who is handling the petition, what happens next and when you can expect to hear from us again
  • If the petition needs more investigation, we will keep you updated with progress
  • If we decide that your petition can not be accepted then we will let you know our reason(s)
  • If a petition is the responsibility of one of our partners, the petition will be sent to them to deal with within seven working days of its receipt

How will you respond to my petition?

All petitions will be placed on the Agenda at a meeting of Borough Council, where the purpose of the petition and number of signatures will be heard. Petitions will normally be considered at the next meeting of the full Council, but must be received at least 8 working days before the date of the meeting.

There will be no debate at the meeting of Borough Council. The meeting will refer the petition to an appropriate body who will consider the most appropriate action, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Taking the action requested in the petition
  • Carrying out research into the matter
  • Holding an inquiry into the matter
  • Holding a meeting with the people who have signed the petition
  • Carrying out consultation
  • Holding a public meeting
  • Referring the petition to one of the Council's Community Area Forums (CAFs) 
  • Referring the petition to be considered by one of the Council's Select / Scrutiny Committees
  • Holding a public meeting
  • Considering the petition at a subsequent Council meeting
  • Writing to the petition organiser setting out our views about the request in the petition

Petitions that have been referred to an appropriate officer

Where Council has referred the petition to an appropriate officer, you will be advised the name and contact details of the officer dealing with the petition.

The officer, in consultation with the Lead Member, will consider the next steps and contact you regarding further action to be taken.

Petitions that have been referred to a Community Area Forum

Where Council has referred the petition to a Community Area Forum, you will be advised of the date and location of the meeting and a contact name and number of the person dealing with your petition.

Petitions that have been referred to a subsequent meeting of Borough Council

Where a further debate by full Council is considered the most appropriate route, the petition organiser will be given five minutes to present the petition at the meeting (this may be extended at the discretion of the Chairperson) and the petition may then be discussed by Councillors for a maximum of 15 minutes.

The Council will decide how to respond to the petition at this meeting.

They may decide to:

  • Take the action the petition requests
  • Not to take the action requested for reasons put forward in the debate
  • Refer the issue to the Chief Executive.

If the Chief Executive is required to make a final decision, the full Council should decide whether to make recommendations to inform that decision.

The petition organiser will receive written confirmation of this decision.

You can check on progress with your petition by contacting the Strategy and Democracy Team on 0191 424 7691 / 7261 or by emailing 

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