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Borough Council meetings

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Most Council meetings have been stood down until further notice. This does not include statutory, business-critical meetings which will go ahead when needed

For updates on South Tyneside Council services, see Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Borough Council - Thursday 27 February 2020

Attending and reporting meetings of South Tyneside Council

Under new guidance from the Local Government Secretary, any member of the press and public can now film and digitally report public local government meetings.

Protocol - Attending and Reporting Meetings of South Tyneside Council14.8KB

If you would like more information about filming Borough Council meetings please contact Democratic Services on 0191 424 7691.

Upcoming Borough Council meetings

For details of upcoming meetings, see Council and committee meetings.

Previous Borough Council meetings

To view recordings of previous meetings, visit Youtube: Borough Council meetings

For details of previous meetings see Council and committee meetings.

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