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Payment facilities

How can I pay for Council services and products?

There is a wide range of payment methods available to customers:

Direct Debit

It's quick, easy, safe, and you don't have to remember to make your payment each month as it happens automatically. You can pay your council tax, South Tyneside Homes rent payments and business rates by this method.

 Set up a direct debit to pay your business rates

 Set up a direct debit to pay your Council Tax

 Set up a direct debit to pay your rent


Make a payment online

You can pay for Council Tax, South Tyneside Homes rent payments, parking fines, business rates and much more.


Call our Customer Contact Centre to pay by debit card on 0191 427 7000. You can pay for Council Tax, benefit overpayments and more over the phone Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm.

For South Tyneside Homes rent payments call South Tyneside Homes on 0300 123 6633 (option 2).


It's convenient and on your doorstep with cash payments accepted. You can pay your South Tyneside Homes rent payments, Council Tax and business rates by this method. Find your nearest facility at the Pay Point Locator website. Payment can also be made at Post Offices.


What support is in place to help me with payments?

South Tyneside Age UK offers support with technology to elderly people who would like to make payments online, and also a Money Advice (MA) service for people of all ages.

Age Concern Tyneside South (ACTS) is based just around the corner from South Shields Town Hall. 

For more information go to the Age Concern Tyneside South (ACTS) website.

Speak to us

Please call us on 0191 427 7000 or the relevant department if you have any issues about the changes and would like to discuss your options.

I don't have a bank account so will this will restrict my ability to pay?

People who don't have bank accounts and prefer to pay by cash can still do so. Cash payments are accepted at the wide range of PayPoint locations, many of which are open for longer hours than the cashiers.

Where is my nearest PayPoint?

You can find out your nearest facility at Pay Point Locator

Payment can also be made at Post Offices.

Are PayPoint payments as reliable as paying face to face with the Council?

Yes. All PayPoint transactions will include receipts and are guaranteed on production of receipt.

I like to discuss any concerns I have and clarify the amount before I pay. Can I still do this?

Yes. The option to discuss your payment is still available by visiting a Customer Service Centre or by calling the relevant department (contact details should be on your letter).

If I use a PayPoint, will I have to pay a fee?

No additional fees apply for any payment method.

Is this just a way to get everyone on direct debit?

No. While direct debit is an efficient and easy method of payment for both the customer and the council, it is not the only method available. We are still promoting the other methods and offering support so you can use these if preferred.

Can I pay Council payments and my rent to South Tyneside Homes by Standing Order?

Yes, for most payments. A Standing Order is simple to set up. A regular payment can be sent by your bank. If you pay monthly, it must be in advance. Speak to the relevant team in the council (for example Council Tax) or the South Tyneside Homes Income Team. For South Tyneside Homes payments your Housing Management Officer will explain how to set up a standing order, provide you with the relevant forms and help you fill them in.

What will happen to the Cheque Encashment service?

We now no longer cash your cheques from the Council. Payments can be made straight to your bank account where preferred. Advice and support to set up a bank account is also available by calling 0191 427 7000.

What if I prefer to budget and pay weekly?

Payments can continue to be made at the same frequency that you currently pay. If you pay weekly we are happy to discuss your options with you, for example a weekly Standing Order, or making payments by debit card instead of cash.

Who can I contact for more information?

Call 0191 427 7000 or contact the relevant department (contact details should be on your letter that requests payment).

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