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Winter advice for pet owners

Pets need extra special care during the cold winter months.

Outdoor pets 

Keep a close eye on outdoor pets, such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

Put extra bedding in their home and be prepared to move them into a shed or unused garage for extra shelter whilst the weather is cold.


Try to maintain a regular routine with your dog. Although you may not feel like taking your dog for a walk on dark wintry evenings, the exercise will keep your pet happy and healthy and will help to keep you fit as well!

Remember: Always wear reflective clothing to make yourself visible when walking near roads in the dark. And don't forget your pets too - fit your dog with a reflective collar.


We advise that if horses and ponies are kept outside during the winter they must have access to shelter at all times.

They also need a constant supply of fresh water (check that ice hasn't formed on it) and a rug to protect them against the cold and wet. Extra food will be needed too, as winter grazing provides very little nourishment.

More information

For more information visit RSPCA - Seasonal advice.

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