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Cliff safety

Weather conditions may affect the stability of some of the cliffs on the coast of South Tyneside. The snow and ice may have also created potentially dangerous overhangs on some of the cliffs. 

Residents are advised to take note of the following cliff safety tips:

  • Avoid walking close to the cliff edge.  The recent snow and ice may produce dangerous overhands that may not support your weight.  Snow and ice may also cause you to slip over the cliff edge - keep your distance!
  • If walking your dogs, do not allow them to play close to the cliff edge
  • Do not attempt to partake in any kind of cliff activity unless you are fully trained, supervised and have all of the correct safety equipment
  • Never walk along the cliffs alone - ensure that you have a companion who can help if the need arises
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back
  • Carry a mobile phone so you can contact help if required
  • In a medical emergency, call 999

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