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Maintaining our roads and footpaths

Highway Asset Management

Asset management has been widely accepted by Central and Local Government as a way to deliver a more efficient and effective approach to the management of highway assets through longer term planning.

The incentive formula has been introduced to encourage and reward the adoption of efficiency and highway asset management best practice. The questions drive the Council to fully implement national guidance in accordance with the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP).

South Tyneside Council submitted its first Band 3 assessment in February 2018 and maintained a Band 3 in January 2019. 

The Department for Transport introduced the Well Managed Highways Infrastructure Code of Practice in October 2016.

South Tyneside has adopted a strategy for Highway Asset Management:

Improving our highways assets 

The capital budget allocated to highways and infrastructure for 2019/2020 is £6.563m and will be spent throughout the Borough.

The Highway Asset Management Plan priorities have determined the following allocation:

  • £2.506m for carriageway resurfacing
  • £2m for footpath improvements

Combined highways road safety map 2019/20205.33MB

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