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Maintaining our roads and footpaths

Pot Hole Funding Application

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Highway Asset Management Plan

The Council is in the process of reviewing its current published plan in line with the recommendations of the Well-managed Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice.

Once this review is complete an updated Highway Asset Management Plan will be published.

Improving our highways assets 

South Tyneside highway network consists of 132km strategic highway and 468km local highway.

The capital budget allocated to highways and infrastructure for 2018/2019 is £5.349m and will be spent throughout the Borough.

The Highway Asset Management Plan priorities have determined we allocate that as:

Please see below the following plans showing where the budget will be spent. Please note the markers on the individual maps show where the works will be carried out.

Carriageway resurfacing - 2018/2019

Carriageway resurfacing plan 2018/2019

3 year proposed footpath improvements - 2018/2021

Footpath improvements plan 2018/2019

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