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Benefits of cycling

Cycling is good for your health

Riding 20 miles each week can halve your risk of heart disease, the biggest killer in the UK.

Medical experts describe cycling as 'an ideal form of exercise'.

People who cycle regularly enjoy a fitness level normally found in someone 10 years younger.

The "life years" gained because of these factors vastly outweighs the risk of death or injury from cycling.

There is three times as much pollution inside a car travelling in slow moving traffic than outside.

Cycling helps improve the environment

By cycling you help yourself and also do your bit towards improving air quality and reducing global warming

  • High pollution levels contribute to causing asthma attacks and other respiratory problems
  • Approximately 90% of carbon monoxide and benzene levels are caused by motor vehicles
  • Cycling is pollution-free and has a very low impact on the environment - both throughout South Tyneside and globally

Cycling as a means of travel

Traffic levels and congestion are increasing in South Tyneside and more car users need to switch to cycling to help to keep road traffic to a minimum.

However there is still a high percentage of people who do not have access to a car, for whom cycling could be a realistic means of travel if it is seen to be safe and convenient.

School surveys reveal that many pupils would prefer the independence of being able to cycle, rather than be taken by car.

  • Many journeys of five miles and under can be made by bicycle instead of by car.
  • For longer journeys it is possible to cycle to Metro stations which have secure parking and then use the Metro (for more information contact Nexus on 203 3333).

South Tyneside Council encourage cycling as a mode of transport in our borough, to help the environment as well as improve public health.

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