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Cashless Parking Scheme

You can now pay for your parking in a range of South Tyneside Council car parks using RingGo the ticketless and cashless parking scheme.

RingGo allows you to pay for parking using a credit or debit card via your mobile phone. You can also download the app to your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or Blackberry 10 phone.

How to use RingGo

  1. You must first register your vehicle and card details online or by phone on the RingGo website. 
  2. Then the RingGo system then stores and remembers your details ready for the time you will use it.

Each car park has a unique four digit code which identifies your location when you park. Parking officers can then look up the number plate to check where you have been parked.

These car parks are included in the scheme:

Click on the individual car parks for information including prices etc.

For more information about the RingGo system visit RingGo.

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