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Learning Works

Learning Works supports adults with disabilities to gain vital skills and experience needed for paid or voluntary work.

Once referred to Learning Works, they offer support with:

  • identifying skills you already have, your strengths and the things you want to develop
  • gaining the skills that employers want
  • getting training where you can gain qualifications that employers will recognise (accredited and non accredited)
  • finding work placements
  • finding voluntary work
  • looking for paid employment


Their 'Preparing for Work' courses help you to:

  • build confidence
  • develop teamwork skills
  • understand people's behaviour at work
  • recognise appropriate dress and language within the workplace

Work Placements

They work with training providers and employers who offer real and meaningful work placements. Learning Works focus on what you can do.

What might you get from a work placement?

  • improved confidence and self-esteem
  • learn new work based skills
  • increased independence
  • better social networks
  • gain experience in a 'real' work environment

Voluntary Work

Learning Works work closely with employers and other agencies to help find you voluntary work within an area which you are interested.

Paid Employment

If you are looking for paid employment (from as little as two hours per week) Learning Works provides support through each stage of the journey. We will support you to overcome barriers that may prevent you from considering paid employment opportunities.

Parents/ Carers

Learning Works can offer parents and carers support to help address problems and issues that can arise during times of change.

Areas of support include:

  • looking at parents/ carers own concerns or issues
  • supporting parents/ carers with resolving/ managing those issues themselves
  • providing parents/ carers with the opportunity to be involved if desired

Employers/ Work Placement providers

What are the benefits to the employer of offering a work placement?

  • raising the profile of the organisation
  • presenting a positive image about the business and how the business values ALL people
  • developing and training existing staff to supervise/ mentor
  • access to a committed workforce
  • pro active approach to equality and diversity
  • positive community engagement
  • improves customer relations


Tel: 0191 424 6523/ 6488
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