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Information, Advice, and Support Services Network

Advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs.

The Information, Advice and Support Services Network (IASS Network) - previously the Parent Partnership Service - provides training and support to local Information Advice and Support (IAS) Services across England.

South Tyneside's local Information, Advice and Support Service is SENDIASS.

What does the IASS Network do?

  • provides information, advice and support to IAS Services
  • promotes the development and standards of IAS Services
  • provides training to IAS Services on relevant subjects including the law on SEN and disability, health and social care, with IPSEA
  • promotes service impartiality
  • helps to make sure that IAS Services are operating at arm's length from their Local Authority
  • provides a national picture of the work of IAS Services through the annual 'Benchmarking' report
  • promotes dialogue and collaboration between IAS Services and other partners
  • engages with DfE on key issues for IAS Services
  • supports an e-forum for all IAS Services through which relevant information can be sent and discussed
  • works with the National Network of Parent Carer Forums to improve the working relationships between IAS Services and parent carer forums
  • facilitates the SEN Information Group - a network of organisations that give advice and support to families of children with SEND


Tel: 020 7843 1900
Online:IASS Network

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