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DASLNE is a database that aims to provide accurate information about the number children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) living in the North East of England.

The database has been set up to help inform planning of future service provision. You can join DASLNE to take part in research projects by registering on the DASLNE website.

All information is kept confidential and secure, and reports from DASLNE will never identify individuals in any way.

DASLNE also acts as a source of information. Parents, carers and professionals can gain access to a range of factsheets on problem topics like sleep, eating, sensory issues, toilet training, personal hygiene, anxiety and temper on the DASLNE website.

Information about forthcoming events and opportunities, parent and carer groups and Autism-friendly film screenings can also be found on the website.


Institute of Health and Society
Newcastle University
Sir James Spence Institute
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Queen Victoria Road

Tel: 0191 282 1400
Online: DASLNE

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