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Foxden Short Break Care Service provides residential short breaks for up to 4 children and young people aged between 7- 18 years who have physical and / or learning disabilities including autism, epilepsy and other complex needs. The team at Foxden also supports children, young people and their families by providing outreach support, where short breaks are more suited to the child and young person's needs and stage of transition. To access the service children and young people must live in the South Tyneside area and have met the Local Authority's eligibility criteria.

About the building

Foxden is the name of the four bedroomed bungalow which is based in South Tyneside and from which the outreach and short break care is provided. 

The bungalow benefits from a comfortable homely feel, where each child and young person has their own bedroom and access to suitably adapted suite of bathrooms and toilets.  The kitchen has been specially adapted to enable children and young people who are able and willing to participate in baking and a little cooking. 

Foxden has a fully equipped sensory room and separate 'den' which is used for arts and crafts, beauty sessions, cinema nights and the occasional disco and karaoke. 

There is a large garden area which has a host of different play equipment and sensory activities available where children and young people are encouraged to grow their own sunflowers, tomatoes etc. as well as being able to engage in water and sand play.

Activities and things to do

The team at Foxden is keen to make sure the children and young people get out and about, and enjoy the various activities which happen in and around South Tyneside.

The team's activity champions and participation champions make sure there is always plenty on offer, all of which has been specifically thought out to meet each child / young person's individual needs and wishes during their time with us.

The team

The team at Foxden is trained to a higher standard and is supported by an experienced management team, who make sure that they are all fully equipped to meet all the needs of the children and young people who come to Foxden. It is important to the team that each and every child and young person is treated as an individual, cared for and treasured.

The core values of the service; hope, empowerment, resilience, ambition and responsibility underpin the great work the team does and their approach. 

The team at Foxden has a close working relationship with the parents and carers of the children and young people who come to Foxden, so regular communications, social events and daily diaries are used to make sure parents and carers can see first-hand what their children and young people experience and exactly what they have been up to whilst there.


For more information on the service at Foxden, please contact a member from the management team at Foxden on 0191 424 6446. 

To make a referral for assessment against the eligibility criteria, please contact the Integrated Safeguarding Interventions Team (ISIT) on 0191 424 5010.

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