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South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust Children's Occupational Therapy Service

The South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust Children's Occupational therapy Service provides Occupational therapy services for Children and Young People.

The services is available to children and young people up to their 17th birthday and who are residents in South Tyneside.

The service's aim is to promote Children's and Young People's Health and Well-being by enabling them to attain greater functional performance and promote active participation and social inclusion in Activities of Daily Living (ADL's).

Occupational Therapy works to reduce the barriers to the child's or young person's participation in an activity, by working closely with other services and the wider community to modify the task, adapt the environment through providing small pieces of equipment, develop the Child's abilities, or a combination of these.

Fundamental to this aim is Therapy staff working with child's or young person's family to make it possible for them to take a leading role in enabling the child or young person to participate in purposeful ADL's, in the areas of Self Care for example dressing and feeding, play/leisure such as playing with toys and school work such as getting organised for lessons or using tools such as scissors. Functional performance is the performance of everyday activities that a Child or Young person needs to, or wants to do.

Age range covered by the service

0-17 years

Eligibility Criteria - Any child/Young Person who is experiencing functional difficulties.

Referral route - Referrals can be made through a Health professional such as a Health Visitor, School Nurse or Doctor on the service's referral form or a Common Assessment Framework Referral.

The Occupational Therapy service also works with the Physiotherapy service to provide a clinic for children being assessed for Developmental Coordination Disorder. Referrals to this service are made via the Physiotherapy service.


Tel: 0191 402 8067

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