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South Tyneside Community Audiology

Community Audiology provides hearing tests to children and young people in South Tyneside.


  1. Overview
  2. Support available
  3. Who can access the service
  4. How to access the service
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Community Audiology provides hearing tests to children and young people in South Tyneside. 

Support available

6 weeks after a referral, an appointment will take place which includes: 

  • taking a full history
  • performing an ear examination
  • tympanometry
  • hearing tests

Results will be shared with you on the day.

A letter will also be sent to the GP, school nurse or health visitor and the referrer, to let them know about the test and results.

If needed, referrals can be made to the ear, nose and throat department at Sunderland and South Tyneside. 

Follow up appointments are also offered when needed, to monitor mild hearing losses such as glue ear. 

Appointments are in a family friendly, local environment.  

The service adapts their testing to the child's abilities and needs. 

They have a large waiting area, testing room and lifts to the audiology suite.  

Disabled toilets are available on site. 

Who can access the service

All children over the age of 3 and a half years and still in education or the care system. 

How to access the service

Referrals are accepted from a:

  • GP
  • School nurse
  • Health visitor
  • Looked after children's nurse
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Nursery nurse
  • Teacher of the deaf
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Ear, nose and throat consultant 
  • Paediatricians

Contact details

Phone: 0191 4452718


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