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Adult Mental Health team

A team of approved social workers to offer advice and support to those affected by mental health issues.

Mental health, like physical health, can involve a range of difficulties and complaints, from relatively mild conditions, to more severe illness.

Many people with mental health problems will not need a psychiatrist, as GPs can usually provide support and medication.

However, if a person's issues are more complicated then a GP may refer to the Adult Mental Health team. The team consists of social workers and approved social workers who may be able to work with a person and other professionals to offer advice and support around the following areas:

  • Medication
  • Housing
  • Money and benefits
  • Emotional and relationship problems
  • Working and doing something positive throughout the day
  • Improving confidence

How to get support from the Adult Mental Health team

Anyone can contact the team for advice on 0191 424 4335.


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