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ESPA College

ESPA College is an Independent Specialist Further Education provider offering places to young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions.

Courses include:

  • Social Communication Skills
  • Emotional literacy
  • Behaviour Self-Management
  • Functional Skills (English, Maths, ICT)
  • Employability Skills
  • Independence Skills
  • Leisure Skills
  • Creative and Expressive Arts
  • Media Studies
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • GCSE and A-Level Courses
  • Work Experience

For more information contact the ESPA college website or call 0191 510 2600, 01670 841 200 or 01670 841 200.

Please note: A placement requires agreed funding and you will need to contact your Young Person's Lead Officer/Advisor or SEN Officer for further advice.

You can see an Young Person's Lead Officer/Advisor face to face at the Public Access Centre at Ocean Road Community Centre, South Shields. Opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or call 0191 424 6630 to make an appointment.

You can contact your SEN Officer by telephoning Pupil Services on 0191 424 7808.

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