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Special educational needs: What will the Council do to help?

South Tyneside Council has a duty by law to support your child if s/he has been identified with a special educational need and or/disability.

The Council will:

  • identify and assess needs of pupils with special educational needs/disability and provide suitable support for your child
  • provide high quality support and services to schools
  • improve access to the curriculum, premises and written information for pupils
  • develop coordinated multi-agency provision
  • plan with schools and other relevant partners to develop systems for monitoring and accountability for special educational needs and disability
  • continue to review arrangements for special educational needs and disability support
  • provide independent and impartial advice for parent and carers

Every child with a special educational need/ disability should have their needs met as far as possible within a mainstream setting, with access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Within South Tyneside, there are a variety of education services and support to make this possible for your child.

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