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Help with school and college transport

The Council can help with travel to school or college, if you meet the criteria which is set by the Government.


  1. Overview
  2. Eligibility
  3. Personal Transport Budget
  4. Independent travel training
  5. Taxi or mini bus travel
  6. Bus pass for public transport
  7. Appealing a decision
  8. Contact us and give feedback


There are 4 types of help available for school and college transport:

To promote and develop independence, taxi travel is only considered in cases where all alternative options are thought to be unsuitable.

When is it appropriate to apply for support to get my child to school?

If your child meets the eligibility criteria please only apply for help if you are unable to get your child to school without additional support.

South Tyneside Council is committed to promoting both sustainability and independence.

Applications are processed with a focus on developing the independence of the child. With this in mind, taxi and mini bus transport will only be considered in cases where all other forms of support are thought to be unsuitable. Please think carefully before requesting a taxi as there may be a more effective way we can support your family.

When to apply

You can apply for support at any time. However, to make sure it is in place for the start of the academic year, please apply by 4 May.

  • April - applications for the next academic year open.
  • 4 May - to make sure that your transport is in place by September, please apply by 4 May. Applications made after this date may result in delays to the transport support.
  • August - parents / carers will get a letter detailing the outcome of their application.

For bus passes, please apply by June for the start of the next school year.

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