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School closures

Reported closures 

There are no reported school closures today.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Since lockdown began on 23 March schools have been open for a small number of children who are vulnerable or whose parents are key workers. If a school needs to close, the school will contact those families directly about arrangements for their child including re-opening dates.

Phased reopening of schools

The Prime Minister has announced the Government's intention for a phased return for early years settings and schools.

Your school will be in touch with you with more details, including:

  • how they intend to implement the government's plan for re-opening schools
  • when the school will re-open and for which year groups

Read about the phased reopening of schools

See frequently asked questions for parents and carers about the phased reopening of schools.

Information on arrangements for parents and carers is available from the government: GOV.UK: Closures of educational settings - information for parents and carers.

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