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Home education

All parents can choose to educate their children at home as an alternative to having them educated at school.

Parents can make this choice before the child reaches school age, or after the child has started at school.

Reasons for choosing to educate at home vary, but may include religious or political beliefs or a belief that a more suitable education can be provided at home.

The Council's responsibility

In the case of a decision to educate at home, the council has a legal responsibility to ensure a full, broad and balanced education is provided, and to ensure things like special educational needs are catered for.

For full details, contact the Alternative Education Service, which deals with all issues regarding Education Other Than At School (EOTAS).

Alternative Education Behaviour Support Service
The Beacon Centre
Temple Park Road
South Shields
NE34 0QA

Phone: 0191 4546254
Fax: 0191 4936950

More information is available from the following independent organisations:

Education Otherwise
PO Box 325
Kings Lynn
PE34 3XW
Phone: 0845 478 6345

Home Education Advisory Service
P.O. Box 98
Welwyn Garden City
L8 6AN

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