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Health and safety for schools FAQs

How often should I review the Fire Risk Assessment?

The Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed following a fire incident, changes to the building - including use and structural changes and at least every 12 months.

We are having a cake sale to raise money for the school - is there anything I need to do to ensure the health and safety of the customers?

The type of flour and sugar confectionary sold at this type of event is generally extremely low risk. Our advice would be to the organisers -who should ask that all produce donated has been freshly produced for the event, labelled with ingredients and date of production. They should ask that producers to ensure that the production area is clean prior to production and if any domestic pets that extra care is taken to ensure good hygiene.

Can schools keep chickens?

On health and safety grounds there is nothing that prohibits it, but before you do so it is advised you that you make yourself familiar with the CLEAPSS document LO71 Incubating and Hatching Eggs and don't forget your neighbours - human and fox may have may have different ideas!

How should I manage risk assessment in the curriculum?

Risk assessment should be proportionate to the risks involved.  Teachers and Educational Visit Coordinators should be aware of relevant generic risk assessments available in the school and adapt to suit specific needs including: size of class, medical needs, SEN, etc. as part of their planning and preparation. Remember risk assessment is part of the planning process similar to Lesson Plans.

For most low risk activities, hazard identification and risk reduction in the curriculum can be achieved by incorporating your assessment into schemes of work, lesson plans, pupil worksheets, etc.

CLEAPSS,  DATA, and  Association for Physical Education provide guidance and model risk assessments for higher risk activities in Design and Technology, Science and Physical Education, etc.  Heads of department/subject leaders should ensure that the guidance and model risk assessments are suitable and sufficient and where applicable adapted to suit the needs of the lesson/activity.

On the very rare occasions where a lesson or activity is not adequately covered by generic or model assessments or is beyond the normal scheme of work, the Head of department/subject leader should complete a specific risk assessment.

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