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Excluded pupils

Exclusion from school is viewed as a very serious step.

For this reason only the head teacher has the power to exclude a pupil.

There are two types of exclusion.

Fixed term exclusion

Fixed term exclusions are usually for a short period (up to 45 days) or the lunchtime period.

The pupil returns after the exclusion period has finished.

In the case of more than a day's exclusion, work should be set and marked.

The head teacher will inform you in writing of the period of the exclusion and the reason for the decision.

If you are unhappy about the exclusion you have the right to put your case to the Governing Body Discipline Committee.

If you want to put your case to the Governing Body Discipline Committee (exclusion must be 5 days or over) you should write to the Chair of Governors at the school.

Permanent exclusion

Permanent exclusion means that the child cannot return to the school unless re-instated.

In the case of permanent exclusion the procedures for fixed term exclusion will be followed.

If the Discipline Committee upholds the head teacher's decision to permanently exclude your child you have the right to appeal to an Independent Review Panel.

If you decide to appeal it is important that you lodge your appeal within 15 school days from the date of the Discipline Committee decision.

If your child is not re-instated by the Independent Review Panel your child's name will be removed from the school roll.

If your child is permanently excluded the council has to provide other suitable education.

This may be a place in another school or other suitable arrangements may be made.

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