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Education admission appeals panels

COVID-19 update

Appeals for most schools in South Tyneside have restarted. Appeal hearings are taking place remotely. More about school admissions and appeals.

What does the panel do?

The education admission appeals panel makes decisions about school admission appeals. Panel members decide whether further children should be admitted to a school that is already full.

The panel is independent of the council, schools or governing bodies. By volunteering as a panel member, you could play an important part in the education appeals process in South Tyneside.

All meetings take place during office hours (9am to 5pm). Panel members will receive full support from the council in terms of training, advice and guidance.

The panels

Panels must be made up of three to five members and include at least one person from the following categories:

Lay members

Lay members are people who:

  • Do not have personal experience in the management of the school or the provision of education in any school (not including experience as a school governor or voluntary work)
  • Have not at any time have had any connection with the council or any person employed by it, if the connection with that person might raise doubts about the individual's ability to act impartially when determining an appeal

Education Admission Appeals Panel Lay member application 

Education experts

Education experts are people who:

  • Are not members of the council but who have experience in education
  • Are acquainted with the educational conditions in the area of the council or are parents of registered pupils at a school
  • Are not employees of the council except teachers

Education Admission Appeals Panel Expert member application 

Application forms

If you are not applying online, please send your application form to:

Senior Democratic Support Officer
Democratic Services Office
Town Hall and Civic Offices
Westoe Road
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE33 2RL

Or email it to:

For more information about how to become a panel member contact us at the address above or by phoning 0191 424 7691.

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