Full, outline and reserved matters applications


This document will help you with the information that you will need to submit.

Validation of Planning Applications in Tyneside - 2019 (version 1, February 2019)

National requirements
The information set out under the heading National Requirements must be submitted.

Tyneside Requirements
The information set out under the heading Tyneside Requirements will only be needed if your application is affected by one or more of the requirements listed.

Fire statement required from 1 August 2021

There are new regulations around planning applications for high rise accommodation, known as 'Planning Gateway One'

From 1 August 2021, you may need to submit a fire statement with your planning application for certain works.

For information about when a fire statement is required, including a fire statement template, see: GOV.UK: Fire safety and high-rise residential buildings (from 1 August 2021)