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Consent for works on watercourses

You will need permission from South Tyneside Council to carry out works on:

  • rivers
  • streams
  • ditches
  • drains
  • cuts
  • culverts
  • dikes
  • sluices
  • sewers (other than public sewers) 
  • and passages through which water flows

For permission for works on main rivers, please contact the Environment Agency

If you are not sure who to contact, please contact us on 0191 427 7000.

Why do I need consent?

Certain types of work may not be allowed because of the increase in risk of flooding. We will check that the works will not increase the risk of flooding and will not harm the environment.

What type of work needs consent?

Only certain works need consent. If the works would affect the flow of the watercourse when it is full to the top of the bank, then you will need consent.

Both permanent and temporary works may need consent. Temporary works could be the damming of a watercourse to allow permanent work, such as installing a bridge.

Examples of works that need consent:

  • erection of any mill, dam or weir likely to cause an obstruction to the flow of the watercourse
  • erection of a culvert
  • alteration of a culvert likely to affect the flow of the watercourse.

If you are not sure if you will need consent, or to find out you can carry out the works without consent, please contact us on 0191 427 7000.

Does the consent have a time limit?

We may give you consent with certain conditions, for example, to carry the works out at a certain time of year, to reduce the risk of flooding and potential ecological damage.

Your consent will be valid for three years. This is because the effects of your works may change due to other factors that have developed since you made the application.

Help with your application

To make sure your application is valid, please make sure you:

  • read the guidance notes52.28KB and guidance diagrams143.32KB
  • include additional information to help us decide how suitable your proposals are
  • show that your proposals will not increase the risk of flooding or harm the environment
  • include the application fee of £50 by sending a cheque made payable to South Tyneside Council or by calling the South Tyneside Council contact centre on 0191 427 7000.

Apply now

Application for consent for works affecting watercourses121.5KB

We will make a decision within two months of receiving a valid application.

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