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Apply for an allotment

South Tyneside has 1350 allotment plots on 23 sites across South Tyneside.

If you would like to an allotment, you must first decide which site you are interested in and then make your application. See our allotment sites map to find allotment sites in South Tyneside.

In most circumstances your name will be added to a waiting list. You will be contacted when your name becomes top of the waiting list. At the present time there is a 4 to 8 year waiting list, depending on the allotment site.

Apply for an allotment

Do not use this link if you are renewing your application

Renewing your application

You must renew your allotment application every year in January.

To renew your application, email saying that you would like to renew your allotment application and include your name, address and contact information, or call 0191 424 7979.

Notes for applying for a Council allotment 

  • No name will be accepted for more than one allotment site list
  • No name will be accepted for more than one allotment garden while there are other names on that list
  • For his/her name to remain on the list, the applicant must confirm their application annually during the month of January (either by visit, letter, phone or email) otherwise their name shall be removed from the list
  • An applicant must notify the allotment officer immediately should they change their address
  • No person under the age of 18 years will be placed on a waiting list
  • The person at the top of the waiting list will receive an offer in writing of the first vacant allotment and a further subsequent offer should the first be refused. If two offers are turned down for whatever reason, their name will be placed on the bottom of the list
  • If the applicant does not reply and sign the agreement in the office of the Business and Area Management within 7 days of being offered a garden, it will be assumed that they do not wish to accept the allotment and their name will be removed from the list
  • No allotment will be offered to a person already holding the tenancy of a council allotment as long as there are persons on the list without one
  • A person accepting the tenancy of an allotment must comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement and must undertake to inform the allotment officer when giving up the tenancy
  • Tenancies are not transferable

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