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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy generated from sources that are inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels. These sources, such as wind, sun and biomass, produce much lower levels of carbon dioxide emissions and other green house gases.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint there are other benefits to using renewable energy:

  • Most renewable energy technologies save you money over time. As time goes on renewable energy becomes cheaper while the price of fossil fuel is rising.
  • Generating your own electricity gives you the security of supply. With some systems, as long as there is wind or the sun is shining, you are guaranteed to have a certain amount of energy available in your home.
  • Once your chosen technology is in place, there is little up keep.

If you are unable to afford any of the renewable energy technologies we provide, why not think about switching to a Green Electricity Tariff. This ensures that some or all of the energy you use in your home has been generated by renewable technologies.

For more information contact your energy supplier or visit Energy Saving Trust

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