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What we're doing to tackle climate change

As a Council we report on greenhouse gas emissions and work is carried out across the Council to reduce emissions from our estate and operations.

Since 2009 we have been using less energy to save money, cut carbon emissions and help tackle climate change. We have done this by:

  • installing technology to help control energy usage in buildings
  • replacing ageing street lighting units with more efficient examples
  • generating renewable energy across South Tyneside

What the Council is doing

Council operations

  • We have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and our commitment to make further reductions year on year
  • We've introduced smart metering for schools and the council's other medium to large energy consuming buildings
  • We have travel plans in place for the majority of council buildings and schools

For staff

  • We have introduced Smarter Driver training for the council's fleet drivers and other staff - saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions
  • A car share scheme is also in place

For residents

  • We have been making homes warmer, helping to reduce fuel bills and household carbon emissions across South Tyneside through the Warm Zone initiative and South Tyneside Homes' insulation and renewables projects
  • We have raised awareness and consulted with local communities on energy and other environmental issues through events and initiatives, including 'local energy days' and the 'Smarter Choices' campaign
  • We have improved the recycling service with 'blue bins', which allow residents to recycle a greater range of materials on the doorstep and crucially help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill

Home Energy Conservation

The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) requires councils to prepare a "further report", outlining its approach to domestic carbon reduction and to prepare progress reports at two-yearly intervals.

South Tyneside Council's Home Energy Conservation Act Further Report 201378.54KB

South Tyneside Council’s Home Energy Conservation Act Progress Report 2015104.56KB

South Tyneside Council’s Home Energy Conservation Act Progress Report 2017413.83KB

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