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Recommend a building to become listed

Anyone can recommend a building or structure to be listed. Applications should be directed to Historic England and should include:

  • Address of the building
  • Any information about the building (e.g. its age)
  • Details of current or previous uses of the building
  • Details of any historical associations
  • The name of the architect (if known)
  • Details of any interior features of interest
  • Clear, original external and internal photographs
  • The name and contact details of owner (if known)
  • A location map (such as an Ordnance Survey map)

For further advice on how to get a building listed, please visit Historic England.

Is your building listed?

If you purchase a listed building, its status will be identified through a land search. You can also find out if a building is listed by visiting Historic England.

Protecting listed buildings

Listed buildings have protection from demolition and unsympathetic alteration. Statutory controls are in place to ensure that the character and integrity of the building is preserved when any alterations are carried out. Listed Building Consent is required for any works which are considered to alter or affect its special interest. The owner of a listed building has to apply for listed building consent to the relevant Local Planning Authority. At various stages in the process, Historic England has the role of advising local planning authorities and the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government on the most important applications. In determining these applications, local planning authorities are required to have special regard to the desirability of preserving the building, its setting and any special features of interest it possesses.

It is always advisable to contact the council's Area Planning Group before undertaking any works to a listed building (see contact details above).

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