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New development in conservation areas

New development in conservation areas requires careful management to ensure new buildings are recognisably of their age whilst understanding and respecting history and context in design and character.

New buildings or alterations and extensions to existing buildings within conservation areas must be of a high quality design. Proposals must be compatible with the special characteristics of the conservation area in which it is located, its buildings, spaces and settings, land uses, scale, form and materials. Where original materials and designs exist, the effect on the building and its neighbours should be considered before introducing alternative designs. If this is not done the resulting mixture of styles and materials can lead to a decline in the quality of the character of both the property and the area. The use of non-traditional materials will only be acceptable in a conservation area where they form part of an integrated design of high quality and are not considered to harm the appearance or character of that area.

New developments within conservation areas may also have had their permitted development rights restricted in order to control future development and thereby preserve the character or appearance of the area.

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