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Do I need additional permissions?

It is always advisable to contact the Planning Group if you are contemplating work on a property within a Conservation Area to ensure you know which permissions you will need.

Please note that the following information is provided as guidance only.  For further information, please see Planning and environment

Pre-application enquiries
Please consult us before lodging applications or making any changes. You may contact us via

Planning Permission

Article 4 directions
A number of Article 4 directions removing certain permitted development rights are in force within our conservation areas.  The Planning Group will be able to advise you whether there are any of these planning restrictions relating to your property.

Demolition in a Conservation Area
Planning permission may well be required, especially for certain types of demolition. For more information, please refer to the Planning Portal.

Listed Buildings
Any works to a listed building will normally require Listed Building Consent

What we encourage
Whether or not development within a historic area or to a historic building requires formal Listed Building Consent or planning permission, we positively encourage owners and occupiers to:

  • Ensure changes are sympathetic to the character of the conservation area.
  • Retain original character.
  • Use traditional materials.

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