Planning permission guidance (business)

Request pre-application advice

To help us respond to your request, please provide as much information as possible about your proposal.

As a general guide we suggest that the following should be submitted together with the fee:

  • Contact details for you or your appointed agent, including contact address, phone number and email address.
  • The address and a site location plan of the property / site.
  • A description of the proposal.
  • Drawings of the proposal. Please be aware if you don't supply scaled drawings (for example a proposed site layout for new housing development or existing and proposed elevations for an extension or alteration) this could adversely impact the quality and detail of the response we can provide.
  • Any other specific material you would wish us consider, for example any specialist reports that you have had produced.
  • For major or strategic development proposals, as described on the following fees page, we may require additional information and we will let you know if further details are required.

To request pre-application advice:

Any plans or supporting documents must be sent in PDF file format. There is a 10mb file size limit (per PDF file or email, whichever is the greater). We can also accept requests on a CD by post (with files in the PDF file format).