Planning permission guidance (business)

Our Pre-Application Advice Service

In order to be able to provide this discretionary service we need to charge a fee. This includes for business and commercial developments and also for schemes that involve the construction of new dwellings, including the subdivision of gardens, or subdivision of existing buildings and also for unusual or complex householder developments.

In most cases we will try to respond to your request within 28 days. However, for major developments (as below) the process might take longer as these schemes normally need more research.

Potential benefits of using the pre-application advice service include:

  • An explanation of how planning policies, planning agreement tariffs / contributions, might affect your proposal.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to make changes to your proposal before you apply for planning permission.
  • It can help you with what information is needed when you submit a planning application, having regard to the Tyne and Wear Validation Requirements.
  • We may be able tell you where a proposal is likely to be unacceptable, for example where it fundamentally conflicts with relevant planning policy, potentially saving the cost of finalising the proposal for the submission of a planning application.
  • In the case of 'major' development proposals (10 or more dwellings, 1000 square metres or more of floor space, sites over 1 hectare in area or minerals/waste development) the opportunity to negotiate the terms of a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with the council.