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Report graffiti

You can report graffiti anonymously online. Please be as descriptive as possible about the graffiti and where it is.

Report graffiti online

Graffiti vandalism is not just an unsightly mess. It is against the law, a cost to you and your neighbours and a drain on the services provided by South Tyneside Council and South Tyneside Homes.

The Council has zero-tolerance to graffiti vandalism and is launching measures to raise awareness and take action against offenders.  We ask for your help to crackdown on this anti-social behaviour by reporting graffiti if you see it and to stop it spreading to your home.

What are we doing?

South Tyneside Homes and South Tyneside Council are committed to dealing with this problem. To raise awareness and to help reduce the amount of graffiti in your area, the Council have:

  • Put up two different posters - to encourage residents to take responsibility and report incidents
  • Delivered leaflets - to properties in South Tyneside in areas most targeted by graffiti
  • Removing graffiti - The Council is responsible for removing graffiti on property it owns

What information is helpful to report?

Before you take action, make sure it's safe to do so - remember if someone is graffitiing they are unlikely to welcome people observing them or taking notes.

Please be as descriptive as possible about the graffiti and where it is.


  • Location e.g. place, landmark, street, town, grid reference
  • What is the graffiti on? e.g. house (private or Council?), business property, bench etc
  • Is the graffiti high up / out of reach?


  • A general description of the graffiti e.g. size
  • Is the graffiti racist, political, or offensive?

If you saw someone graffitiing

  • Who was with you?
  • Who did you see?
  • How many people did you see?
  • Did you recognise any of them?
  • Can you describe them e.g. gender, hair colour, distinguishing features?

What will happen next?

All information will be treated as confidential.

We aim to remove graffiti as soon as possible, prioritising offensive graffiti.

Those caught causing this type of vandalism can be prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. Those found guilty can be fined and Young Offenders may be given a Community Service Order.

Other ways to report graffiti

  • Call South Tyneside Council on 0191 427 7000
  • Report it to the Police by calling 101 or the Community Wardens on 0191 420 3713 (any day between 11.30am and 10.30pm), make sure that you give a description of those responsible

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