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South Shields 365 FAQs

What is South Shields 365?

South Shields 365 is a regeneration programme, which will create a sustainable future for South Shields Town Centre.

It will provide lasting improvements to the Town Centre; developing the leisure and shopping offer, improving the way people travel and move around the town and making it easier for people to enjoy the Foreshore and Riverside.

It will help us achieve our aim of being the North East of England's premier coastal resort 365 days a year.

For more information please see Introducing South Shields 365.

What is going to go where?

Plans have been developed in association with Muse Developments that will transform the Town Centre.

  • The Word, National Centre for the Written Word - a cultural attraction of regional and national significance and a home to North East Writers, situated adjacent to the Market Place - opened in October 2016 (Phase 1)
  • Improvements around the public realm on the Market Place are complete (Phase 1)
  • A new 40 space car park Harton Quays is open (Phase 1)
  • A new integrated Transport Interchange (bus and Metro station) in partnership with Nexus opened on Keppel Street in August 2019 (Phase 2)
  • A proposed new retail, leisure and cinema development, which will include a link through on the south side of King Street and parts of Chapter Row, Barrington Street and East Street. (Phase 3)


Why build more shops? King Street is struggling?

Whilst King Street has suffered during the recent recession, it has suffered less acutely than some other high streets. We have lost some big names, but these are stores that have been lost from national high streets as companies folded or scaled back operations.

The closure of Marks and Spencer was a commercial decision by them reflecting their property strategy.

As with all town centres, the retail offer is changeable with stores coming and going. South Shields has seen a number of new stores arrive recently, including JD Sports, and Select.

New shops, being delivered by South Shields 365, will have larger and modern floor spaces, which meet the requirements of national retailers.

Does the Council own any of the properties on King Street?

The properties on King Street are in private ownership, held mainly by a mixture of private local individuals, national firms and international organisations.

The Council does not own any properties on King Street that will be retained following the development.

The Council is working with existing retailers, owners, tenants and the Town Team to ensure King Street remains a viable retail destination. This includes improvement works and street cleansing.

Are you going to cover King Street?

No. Access is needed to King Street by both the emergency services vehicles and articulated vehicles servicing the shops.

Covering King Street would also be incredibly difficult. Aside from the cost of the structure, written agreements would need to be in place with each property owner, which would be prohibitively complex to arrange. Also the frontage and height of each property is different which would make the structure difficult to support.

Will there be a covered mall?

Design options for this will be considered at the appropriate time and will be consulted upon as part of the planning process.

What sort of shops will there be?

Muse Developments and their property agents are already having very positive discussions with many well-known High Street names although it is currently very early in the process to specify names.


What sort of leisure offer will there be?

It is expected that both local restaurateurs and national chains will be interested in coming to the development and being part of this exciting opportunity. This will complement our existing leisure offer within the Town Centre.

Which cinema operator will be coming

Muse Developments and their property agents are having discussions with several cinema operators although, as with the retail tenants, it is still very early in the process.

Transport Interchange

Where will the Transport Interchange be?

The second phase of the South Shields 365 Masterplan proposes the construction of a new consolidated Transport Interchange, located off Keppel Street and Fowler Street. This will see the consolidation of the bus stops on Keppel Street and Metro station.

Why do we need a new Transport Interchange?

The new Transport Interchange will greatly increase the ease in which people travel to, from and within South Shields.

As part of the South Shields 365 Masterplan we aim to make the town a year round tourist destination and the new Transport Interchange would make the town far more accessible - bringing with it economic benefits for the Town Centre and beyond. The facility will provide a high quality sense of arrival to the Town Centre for residents and visitors alike.

What will the new Transport Interchange have that we don't have already?

The new Transport Interchange will be a modern facility including a bus station as well as a new Metro station, coach facilities and cycle parking. There will also be pick up and drop off facilities at the southern end of the station.

The new Transport Interchange will provide a far more pleasant visitor experience. The proposed new Transport Interchange is a fully enclosed bus terminal and Metro station incorporating seating. Vehicles will enter the Transport Interchange from Burrow Street and exit onto Keppel Street. The Interchange will provide 14 bus stands, a coach stand and a drop off/coach point. In addition to the Transport Interchange there will be improvements made to the bus stops on Coronation Street including a new crossing point to provide a better experience for bus users and pedestrians.

How will I access public transport while the new interchange is being built?

The existing station will remain in service until the new station is commissioned, as will the existing bus stops.

Cars and Buses

Will the bus routes be changing? If yes how/why?

There will be some highway alterations that will create a better-connected Town Centre as set out in the South Shields 365 Vision and Masterplan. The Council and Nexus have been working closely with bus operators on any proposed bus route changes. Revised highway arrangements would see all buses enter the interchange via Burrow Street.

Will we still have vehicular access around the Town Centre?

Residents, market traders and service vehicles for retailers will continue to have access around the Market Place.

Some changes will be introduced affecting other road users, controlling traffic flow and speeds around the Market Place.

Chapter Row and Church Way would become pedestrianised areas and Keppel Street and Waterloo Square would be pedestrian friendly routes with restricted access to buses and taxis. Businesses will still be able to service their premises, but during restricted hours.

Any highway changes made to the Town Centre should greatly increase pedestrian safety and increase the public realm in the town.

Will the changes affect the taxi service in the town?

The Keppel Street taxi rank will be maintained.

Why do we need to change the highway network, and will there be changes to both the inside and outside of the Town Centre?

The new Transport Interchange and highway changes are not just designed to make it easier to get to and from South Shields itself, but to increase connectivity within the town. They should help improve connectivity between the Foreshore and Riverside areas of the town.

These changes have been designed to give a better visitor experience in the Town Centre and an altogether more cohesive and functional town.

Will my bus service be affected?

The majority of bus services operating in South Shields are controlled by Go North East and Stagecoach. Nexus and South Tyneside Council will continue to work closely with the bus operators to ensure the most efficient bus operation can be achieved that will deliver the best accessibility in and around South Shields and beyond.

Is the Council introducing free parking?

Around a third of Council-owned parking spaces across the Town Centre are already free. The Council already provides over 300 free car parking spaces at various locations throughout the Town Centre including Ocean Road and The Customs House. In addition to this, the parking refund scheme offers shoppers a parking charge refund at certain retailers who have signed up to the scheme.

Are the Council introducing more car parking?

Yes, there will be new car parking opposite The Word and Market Place at Harton Quays. The new transport plan for the town proposes a new car park for motorists on Waterloo Square. In addition the new retail and leisure facilities brought forward in later phases will have associated car parking.

What is happening to the town's Post Office?

The Post Office is actively looking at alternative venues in South Shields Town Centre. Muse Developments and South Tyneside Council are working closely with the Post Office to secure an alternative location.

Will the new car park at Harton Quays include electric charging and disabled parking spaces, If yes how many?

The new 40 space car park located at Harton Quays has facilities for two electric charging vehicles. The car park will also include eight designated disabled car parking spaces for blue badge holders.


Will you be relocating businesses?

A specialist team has been set up within the Council to work with those businesses affected by the regeneration proposals. A tailored service will be offered at the appropriate time to assist those businesses who wish to relocate within the town. We are working towards increasing trade and business in the town, rather than reducing it. All of those businesses who need to be relocated have already been contacted.

Will my business be affected by all the building work?

The Council, Muse Developments and their contractors will work with businesses and residents to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. We will ensure the Town Centre remains open for business as usual throughout the construction phases. The construction phases will be happening at different times and not all at once, so the majority of the town will remain unaffected whilst activity is focused on one area. Businesses and residents will be kept informed throughout.

Why doesn't the Council reduce business rates?

The Council merely acts as a collecting agent on behalf of central Government who is responsible for the rates set.

Will the construction affect the businesses on King Street?

If successful in gaining planning consent, Muse Developments and South Tyneside Council will work closely with the contractors and the King Street businesses to minimise disruption to business during the construction of the new Transport Interchange.

The aim, following the completion of the Transport Interchange, is that the improvement to transport provision will increase the accessibility to the businesses on King Street.

Will you be demolishing my property?

A number of property acquisitions and demolitions will be needed to deliver the regeneration. The Council and its property agents, Sanderson Weatherall have now been in contact with all parties directly affected by the proposals to make them aware of this fact. If the Council has not contacted you then your land or property interest is not affected. During the regeneration, the Council will work with all affected businesses to ensure they are assisted during this period of change.

During this period, the Council will be maintaining regular contact with all the businesses affected by South Shields 365 regeneration. If you have any questions about your business and property as part of South Shields 365 please contact Harry Alder at South Tyneside or 0191 4247679.

The Market

What is going to happen to the market?

The second section of the Market Place has been completed as part of the South Shields 365 project. The Market Place now features a new canopy roof around the perimeter of the trading area, designed as a partial covering protecting stalls or shoppers in poor weather conditions.

Landscaping and pavement improvements have been made to the surrounding areas with the addition of tree-lined avenues.

The transformation has been completed in stages with the remainder of work to be completed by Spring 2016.

Will the Market Place remain open?

The Market will continue to stay open whilst construction is ongoing. The Council will work closely with traders to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

When and how?

Who is paying for it?

The costs of delivering the scheme will be met jointly between Muse Developments and South Tyneside Council who have allocated money in the Medium Term Financial Plan. Nexus will be meeting some costs associated with the integrated Transport Interchange.

Can the Council afford it and will it happen?

Yes. The Council's investment in South Shields 365 has been programmed into the Medium Term Financial Plan as a regeneration priority. The allocation of the money has been agreed by the Council's Cabinet. The Council is only one party bringing investment to the Town Centre, Muse Developments and Nexus have also committed significant sums.

The expectation is that this investment by the Council and its partners will act as a catalyst for further growth, creating jobs and opportunities for local people. It is anticipated that a growth in the local economy and confidence in the future of the town will attract sustained private sector investment.

When will it all happen?

This is a long-term project. Construction on Phase One is already underway and within the next five to seven years, considerable redevelopment of the Town Centre will have been completed. This will include the development of The Word, the National Centre for the Written Word, an improved public realm, a remodelled Market Place, a new integrated Transport Interchange and a redeveloped retail and leisure offer including a cinema.

Who is the Council's developer?

Following a procurement exercise the Council selected Muse Developments Ltd in July 2013 as its development partner. Muse Developments have considerable experience in complex regeneration projects and bring a specialist, commercial team to the project. Recent projects Muse Developments have been involved in include schemes in Leeds, Manchester, London and Stockton.

What happens next?

The first phase of the £100m regeneration Masterplan for South Shields Town Centre and the construction of The Word, improvements to the Market Place and increased parking at Harton Quays are currently underway.

South Tyneside Council approved the Phase Two of the Masterplan submitted by Muse Developments and Nexus in November 2015. The plans include a new Transport Interchange together with an outline for the retail and leisure facilities in South Shields as part of the wider South Shields 365 Masterplan.

Read more: Green Light for Transport Interchange

The Council is continuing to try to acquire the land and property interests needed in conjunction with its property agents.

How can I find out more?

For the latest news updates visit Latest South Shields 365 news

Where can I find out information on upcoming events?

For the latest information on events in South Shields please visit What's on

The Word

Why are you moving the library?

The current library is not fit for purpose. The Word, the National Centre for the Written Word will become a new cultural venue of regional and national significance as well as home to North East Writers. The building will also re-house the Library, creating a 21st century facility. This will attract visitors from South Shields and the wider North East, acting as a catalyst for economic growth.

The prominence of the new location, with the river on one side and Market Place on the other provides the central location and setting the new building deserves.

Will I need to re-join the library?

The Libraries team will be working hard to ensure there is little or no disruption to library users.

Why is the building circular?

The building was chosen from an architectural design competition and it met the Council's requirements for design quality and sustainability for a Library.

Will it cost anything to enter and use the Word?

Public access to the building will be free.

When will The Word be open?

Construction of The Word and building improvements to the Market Place began in Spring 2015. The aim is to have The Word open to the public in late 2016 along with a completed and improved Market Place.

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