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Publication fees

The Council produces the following Local Plan and planning policy-related reports and leaflets which you can buy on request. 

You can also view and download all of the documents on our planning pages.

    Documents available to purchase 

    Planning policy publication fees: Price list for Local Plan and planning policy publications
    Document  PriceMap Only
    Local Development Framework (LDF)  
    Core Strategy  £20.00   £5.00
    Development Management Policies  £15.00 
    South Shields Town Centre & Waterfront AAP  £35.00  £20.00
    Central Jarrow AAP  £35.00  £20.00
    Hebburn Town Centre AAP  £20.00  £10.00
    Site-Specific Allocations  £60.00  £40.00
    Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)  £10.00 
    SPD21 Locally Significant Heritage Assets - technical appendices£100.00 
    Other publications  
    Local Wildlife Sites technical appendices  £50.00 
    Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)  £55.00  £40.00
    SHLAA summary schedule of sites (A3 size)  £10.00 
    Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)  £30.00 

    Please make cheques payable to South Tyneside Council. 

    All prices include postage and packing.

    Printed documents and maps


    • all document prices are for colour printed copies
    • black and white copies of documents are available for half price
    • consultation draft Local Plan documents (in black and white) are available free of charge to South Tyneside residents and businesses.


    • maps are only available in colour
    • all map prices are for colour printed copies
    • maps are available separately from documents

    General photocopying
    You can photocopy our documents and maps in black and white for:

    • 11p per A4 sheet
    • 24p per A3 sheet (up to a max of £5)

    How to purchase the documents

    Please contact the Council's Spatial Planning team on 0191 424 7688.

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