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Strategic Land Review

This is the final version of the Strategic Land Review (SLR) and it will form part of the evidence base which will help inform the new Local Plan for South Tyneside.

For the avoidance of doubt it does not allocate sites for development nor does it set planning policy. 

The evidence in the SLR will be used to help inform policies in the emerging Local Plan.  The new Local Plan must identify sites to be allocated for new development over the next 20 years. 

The green and amber sites in the SLR are more likely to be able to support this development, however all site options must be considered in the preparation of the Local Plan.

It is important to remember that other factors could change the suitability of sites for development.

In addition, planning applications must also be submitted before any development can take place.  This process provides an opportunity for public consultation.

The Strategic Land Review results will help inform the next update of our Housing Land Supply.

Strategic Land Review Summary

SLR Summary Report4.27MB

SLR Overview Map1.05MB

Character Area Site Assessments

Inner South Shields Site Assessments11.6MB

Outer South Shields Site Assessments (1-40)20.72MB

Outer South Shields Site Assessments (41-77)14.88MB

Jarrow Site Assessments20.45MB

Hebburn Site Assessments23.02MB

Fellgate & Hedworth Site Assessments22.25MB

The Boldons and Cleadon Site Assessment (1-21)18.74MB

The Boldons and Cleadon Site Assessments (22-38)18.91MB

The Boldons & Cleadon Site Assessments (39-52)16.11MB

The Boldons & Cleadon Site Assessments (52-63)7.38MB

Whitburn Site Assessments16.54MB

Character Area Sustainability Appraisals

Inner South Shields Sustainability Appraisal2.06MB

Outer South Shields Sustainability Appraisal5.1MB

Jarrow Sustainability Appraisal3.07MB

Hebburn Sustainability Appraisal3.13MB

Fellgate & Hedworth Sustainability Appraisal2.3MB

The Boldons & Cleadon Sustainability Appraisal3.56MB

Whitburn Sustainability Appraisal1.17MB

Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Land Review FAQ195.67KB


Habitat Regulations Assessment

This report sets out the baseline information and evidence base required to inform this HRA of the SLR stage of the South Tyneside Local Plan.

HRA is a process which seeks to identify 'likely significant effects' resulting from a land-use plan or project which could potentially impact on the conservation objectives of one or more European Site. It is a procedure which must be undertaken by relevant plans or projects, whose implementation may impact upon designated European Sites. HRA is a requirement of both European and UK legislation and seeks to ensure that the protection and integrity of European Sites is part of the planning process.

HRA Strategic Land Review Screening Report4.86MB

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