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Supplementary Planning Documents

Our suite of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) provide supporting advisory guidance to our statutory Local Plan and Local Development Framework development plan documents.

Sustainable Construction and Development

SPD1 Sustainable Construction & Development (Aug 2007)1.46MB

Originally-proposed SPD2 Urban Design will now be integrated into a review of SPD1.

Please see also Urban Design Framework (Nov 2005)18.88MB

Green Infrastructure Strategy

SPD3 Green Infrastructure Strategy (Feb 2013)2.14MB

SPD3 Green Infrastructure Strategy technical appendices (Feb 2013)2.86MB

Please note that the 2009 Playing Pitch and Open Space Studies have now been superseded by our 2015 Playing Pitch Strategy and Open Space Study

Affordable Housing

SPD4 Affordable Housing (Aug 2007)332.16KB

Planning Obligations and agreements

SPD5 Planning Obligations & Agreements (Oct 2008)1.01MB

Parking Standards

SPD6 Parking Standards (Dec 2010)2.19MB

Travel Plans

SPD7 Travel Plans (April 2010)1.15MB

South Shields Riverside Regeneration

SPD8 South Shields Riverside Regeneration (Aug 2009)2.05MB

Please see also South Shields riverside regeneration

Householder Developments

SPD9 Householder Developments (Dec 2010 - revised Jan 2014)4.42MB

Please see also:

Living in a Conservation Area: a guide for residents (Jan 2013)6.28MB

Listed Buildings: a guide for owners and occupiers (Jan 2013)724.05KB

Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Buildings (Jan 2013)1.07MB

Conservation Area Management Plans and Character Appraisals

SPD10 Westoe CAMP (Aug 2007)3.36MB

SPD11 West Boldon CAMP (Aug 2007)3.47MB

SPD12 Whitburn CAMP (Aug 2007)15.49MB

SPD13 St. Paul's CAMP (Aug 2007)9.39MB

SPD14 Cleadon CAMP (April 2009)4.58MB

SPD15 East Boldon CAMP (April 2009)2.16MB

SPD16 Hebburn Hall CAMP (April 2009)2.18MB

SPD17 Monkton CAMP (March 2010)2.5MB

SPD18 Cleadon Hills CAMP (April 2009)1.62MB

SPD19 Mill Dam CAMP (March 2010)2.42MB

SPD20 Mariners' Cottages CAMP (March 2010)1.79MB

For more information please see  Conservation Areas and Character Appraisals

Locally Significant Heritage Assets

SPD21 Locally Significant Heritage Assets (Nov 2011)2.37MB

SPD21 Local List technical appendices21.2MB

Please see also:

Hot Food Takeaways and Health

SPD22 Hot Food Takeaways and Health (November 2017)10.42MB

Mitigation Strategy for European Sites (Recreational Pressure from Residential Development) 

Interim Supplementary Planning Document 23 - Mitigation Strategy for European Sites10.55MB

South Tyneside interim HRA and SPD - Report 1 - HRA of growth options - consultation5.36MB

South Tyneside interim HRA and SPD - Report 2 - mitigation strategy - consultation4.22MB

SPD 23 Adoption Statement257.55KB

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