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Local Plan - Supporting documentation

Here you will find all of our supporting documentation and evidence base studies for our emerging Local Plan and current Local Development Framework.

For more information please see documents for:

Background topic papers

South Tyneside Objectively-Assessed Needs Growth Scenarios Summary (Apr.2016)512.46KB

Population, Demographics and Housing Topic Paper (Mar.2016)869.42KB

Economic Growth and Employment Topic Paper (Mar.2016)1009.54KB

Retailing Topic Paper (Oct.2012)293.31KB

Green Belt and Landscape Background Paper (Sept.2012)6.37MB

Duty to co-operate

Duty to Co-operate - North East Report and Position Statement (June 2013)269.27KB

Duty to Co-operate - North East Memorandum of Understanding (October 2012)247.75KB

Duty to Co-operate and NE Memorandum of Understanding - Cabinet Report (Oct.2012)119.28KB

Sustainability appraisal

Our Sustainability Appraisal scoping report established the sustainability objectives and key indicators against which our Local Plan policies and proposals will be assessed, both during their preparation and subsequent monitoring.

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (February 2014 - updated March 2016)5.39MB

Population and housing

 South Tyneside Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update (Sept.2015)1.27MB

 Household Projections Update Report (TWRI, March 2015)558.8KB

 South Tyneside & Sunderland Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (Apr.2014)852.88KB

 Population Migration Update Report (TWRI, Nov.2013)99.15KB

 South Tyneside Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA, July 2013)3.61MB

 Responding to the South Tyneside SHMA (July 2013)239.6KB

 Population and Household Projections Update Report (TWRI, Oct.2012)797.02KB

 Population and Household Projections Report (TWRI, June 2012)514.25KB

 Population Migration Report (TWRI, May 2012)623.95KB

 Distribution of Residential Properties in South Tyneside (January 2012)54.19MB

 Gypsy Traveller & Travelling Showpeople Site Search Assessment - South Tyneside (November 2009)8.16MB

See also Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

See also Housing strategies

Economic growth and retailing

Hot Food Takeaways and Obesity in South Tyneside (August 2017)4.6MB

Employment Land Review Update (June 2014)3.99MB

South Tyneside Retail Study - Executive Summary (October 2012)487.28KB

South Tyneside Retail Study (October 2012)25.5MB

Employment Land Review 2011 (June 2011)7.03MB

North East Retail and Leisure Study (February 2011)1.49MB

Local Brownfield Strategy (November 2010)2.83MB

See also Contaminated land
See also South Shields regeneration
See also North East Strategic Economic Plan

Environment and green infrastructure

HRA Coastal Visitor Winter Survey 2015-16 (September 2016)2.7MB

Durham Coast SSSI and SPA Wintering Bird Survey 2015-16 (June 2016)4.84MB

South Tyneside Playing Pitch Strategy & Action Plan (December 2015)1.37MB

South Tyneside Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report (May 2015)1.73MB

South Tyneside Open Space Study Standards Paper (September 2015)1.18MB

South Tyneside Open Space Assessment Report (September 2015)2.28MB

South Tyneside Grade II Listed Buildings at Risk Survey (August 2015)

HRA Coastal Visitor Winter Survey 2014-15 (July 2015)2.94MB

Sunderland & South Tyneside HRA Bird Surveys 2014-15 (July 2015)10.22MB

Tyne & Wear Historic Environment Landscape Characterisation (May 2014)

Landscape Character Study - Part 1 Character Assessment (March 2012)34.7MB

Landscape Character Study - Part 2 Character Guidelines (March 2012)4.53MB

Landscape Character Study - Part 3 Green Belt, Landscape Protection, Wind Power Sensitivity (March 2012)13.87MB

Local Wildlife Sites and Local Geodiversity Sites (June 2010)8.9MB

North East Coast Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2, October 2007)

See also Flood Risk Assessments/Surface Water and Coastal Management Strategies

See also Climate Change and Sustainable Energy
See also Air Quality

See also Conservation and Listed buildings

See also Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan

Infrastructure, transport and utilities

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (revised June 2012)4.48MB

Transport Study Update 2010 (December 2010, as amended July 2011)564.29KB

See also Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan
See also Local Transport Plan
See also Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP)

See also  Supplementary Planning Documents on Planning Obligations, Parking Standards and Travel Plans

Minerals and waste

Joint Local Aggregates Assessment for the North East (June 2016)4.54MB

North East Low Level Radioactive Waste Study (August 2013)1.47MB

Joint Local Aggregates Assessment for County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear (April 2013)2.06MB

North East Commercial, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Study (2012)5.63MB

Tyne & Wear Commercial and Industrial Waste Survey (February 2011)245.5KB

South Tyne and Wear Waste Management Plan Support Facilities Report (2010)3.51MB

Regional Waste Apportionment Update Paper (2010)2.92MB

North East Commercial and Industrial Waste Survey (2010)605.56KB

South Tyne and Wear WMP Strategic Site Assessment Report (2008)6.04MB

North East Waste Apportionment Report (2008)7.25MB

See also the South Tyne & Wear Waste Management Partnership's Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy

Monitoring documents

We regularly monitor the implementation and success and implementation of our Local Plan policies and proposals, as well as our progress in producing of our Plan's constituent documents.

The monitoring documents below have superseded our previous Annual Monitoring Reports.

Duty to Co-operate Statement (December 2015)226.64KB

Major Development Policy Compliance (March 2014)407.63KB

Development Plan Policies Monitoring (March 2014)844.58KB

Development Plan Policies Where Monitoring Target Achieved (March 2014)475.64KB

Sustainability Appraisal Monitoring (March 2014)453.64KB

Retail Health and Floorspace Monitoring (March 2016)52.4KB

Employment Land Monitoring (March 2012)241.99KB

Distribution and Density of Residential Properties in South Tyneside (Jan 2012)54.19MB

SHLAA 5-year Housing Land Supply and Housebuilding Summary (April 2016)596.27KB

Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment

The Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment (JSNAA) monitors health and wellbeing, and assesses the borough's assets and needs.

For more information please see Joint Strategic Needs and Assets Assessment (JSNAA).

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