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Local Development Framework

The South Tyneside Local Development Framework (LDF) is our current Local Plan and guides the future development and use of land in the borough over the next 10-15 years.

The Local Development Framework includes a portfolio of statutory Development Plan Documents (DPD).

Along with national policy and guidance, the LDF policies set the basis for assessing all planning applications and development proposals. They are supported by non-statutory advisory guidance in our series of Supplementary Planning Documents.

Development Plan Documents

Core Strategy

Core Strategy (June 2007)2.59MB

Core Strategy Key Diagram439.85KB

Development Management Policies

Development Management Policies (Dec 2011)3.3MB

Technical Appendices - Local Wildlife and Geodiversity Sites (June 2010)8.9MB

South Shields Town Centre & Waterfront Area Action Plan  

South Shields Town Centre & Waterfront Area Action Plan (Nov 2008)2.02MB

South Shields Town Centre & Waterfront AAP Proposals Map Inset5.12MB

The area action plan covers South Shields town centre, the South Shields regeneration: Riverside (see also Supplementary Planning Documents) and South Shields regeneration: Foreshore.

Central Jarrow Area Action Plan

Document cannot be found

Central Jarrow AAP Proposals Map Inset1.45MB

The area action plan covers Jarrow town centre, riverside and Bede's World areas.

Please note: The UK's nomination of the Wearmouth-Jarrow twin monastic site to become a World Heritage Site was formally withdrawn in January 2014 at the recommendation of ICOMOS and UNESCO, and subsequent agreement of central Government and Sunderland and South Tyneside Councils.

Hebburn Town Centre Area Action Plan

Document cannot be found

Document cannot be found

The area action plan covers regeneration in Hebburn town centre and New Town.

Site-Specific Allocations

Site-Specific Allocations (April 2012)1.28MB

Site-Specific Allocations Proposals Map7.55MB

The site-specific allocations covers the remaining non-AAP parts of the borough.

Please note: the originally-proposed TyneWear Regional Employment Site Area Action Plan was discontinued at draft stage. 

LDF Site Allocations Summary Schedule (April 2012)242.85KB

Document cannot be found

Purchase Local Development Framework documents

To buy copies of our LDF documents and maps, please see our Local Plan publications and fees.

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