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Wind turbines

Will I need planning permission?

Planning permission is needed if you want to directly attach a domestic wind turbine to a detached or semi-detached dwelling or a flat within a block of flats (this would include Tyneside flats).

Considerations that may be relevant to a planning application could include:

  • Siting, scale and appearance
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Shadow flicker

Read more about householder applications

You might not need planning permission to attach a domestic wind turbine onto

  • a detached dwelling, or
  • within the grounds of any dwelling or block of flats

if you can satisfy all of the permitted development rights limitations and conditions that apply.

You can find out more about these using the guidance on the Planning Portal

If the property is a listed building or the proposal is within the grounds of a listed building you might need to have listed building consent.

Building control advice

If this equipment is to be free standing or fixed to a detached garden shed, store, garage, summerhouse or similar structure, building regulation approval is not required providing that a contractor who is registered as a Part P competent person is used for the domestic electrical connection.

If the wind turbine is to be fixed directly to the dwelling, attached garage or any commercial building, building regulation approval will be required.

You will need to provide manufacturers product details and specifications, electrical wiring details (except if a Part P competent person is used for domestic installations) and a structural report from a competent building surveyor or structural engineer.

This report must make reference to the condition of the existing external wall and how the wind turbine will be fixed. This is particularly important, as there have been instances where such installations have lead to the partial collapse of the house wall. You must also notify your existing electricity supplier about your proposed installation.

If the contractor is registered with a government approved Competent Persons Scheme (Building Regulations 2010, Schedule 3, Item 17), then self certification for compliance with Building Regulation requirements, can be issued.

Please make sure that the relevant structural implications will also be included as part of the contractors registration with the Competent Persons Scheme.

Building regulation approval process

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