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Biomass or combined heat and power (CHP) flues

Will I need planning permission?

Flues on dwellings or flats will normally be regarded as "permitted development" and would only need planning permission if:

  • The flue would exceed the highest part of the roof by one metre or more
  • The flue is on a wall or roof slope that fronts a highway, if it is located within a conservation area or World Heritage Site

If the property is a listed building you might need to have listed building consent.

Building control advice

Biomass or CHP flues

Building regulation approval (approved document J and relevant British standards) may be required depending upon the extent of the work being undertaken - if in doubt please contact Building Control.

If the contractor is registered with a government approved Competent Persons Scheme (Building Regulations 2010, Schedule 3, Item 17), then self certification for compliance with Building Regulation requirements, can be issued.

Please ensure that the relevant structural implications will also be included as part of the contractors registration with the Competent Persons Scheme.

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