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Listed building consent and demolition in a conservation area applications

What do I need to submit?

This checklist summarises the types of information that you will need to submit for listed building consent or planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area.

Tyneside Validation - Listed Building Consent / Relevant Demolition in a Conservation Area Checklist69.38KB

To find out more about each requirement shown in the checklist please use the Validation of Planning Applications in Tyneside - 2019 (version 1, February 2019)1.03MB.

If you also intend to apply for planning permission to carry out new development you will also need to look at the householder checklist or the full application checklist, included within the Tyneside Validation Requirements report above, to see what is needed to submit a planning application.

How much will my application cost?

There is no fee payable for listed building consent or applications for planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area.

However, if you are also applying for planning permission to carry out new development at the same time you will need to pay a fee.  You can work this out using the Planning Portal Fees Guide.

Please note that from the 17 January 2018, the Government have removed the fee exemption for planning applications which have been made, due to the removal of permitted development rights by planning condition or by an Article 4 direction.

How to apply

You can submit planning applications directly to us by email or post. Or, you can submit planning applications using the Planning Portal website. 

Apply direct to us via email or post:

Planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area

Listed building consent

Householder application and relevant demolition in a conservation area

Householder application and listed building consent

Full planning permission and relevant demolition of an unlisted building

Full planning and listed building consent

If you apply by email the completed application form, all plans and supporting documents must be sent in PDF file format. There is a 10mb file size limit (per PDF file or email, whichever is the greater).  We can also accept completed applications on a CD by post (with files in the PDF file format). 

To submit by email to us, please email

To submit by post (either as paper submission or on a CD), please send your completed application to:

Planning Group (Development Management)
South Tyneside Council
Town Hall
Westoe Road
South Shields
NE33 2RL

You can pay the planning application fee by cheque (payable to South Tyneside Council) or by calling us on 0191 424 7421.

Apply via the Planning Portal website:

You can complete an online version of the planning application form, attach plans / supporting documents and also pay the application fee when you submit on the Planning Portal. 

To find our more, visit Planning Portal: Apply online.

You will most likely need to pay the Planning Portal additional service charges if you apply in this way and you can find out more about them at Planning Portal: Financial Transaction Service and Payment Nomination.

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