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Stop smoking

Would you like help to stop smoking?

We can give you help and support to stop smoking.

You can ask for help for yourself or for someone you know.

Health professionals can also use this form to refer patients.

Once referred, you will get specialist one to one support and advice and support on nicotine replacement therapy. You are 4 times more likely to quit with the help of the stop smoking service. It is available in pharmacies, leisure venues, children's centres and third sector venues. 

Request help to stop smoking


Stop smoking for 28 days and you're 5 times more likely to quit for good. 

Visit NHS: Stoptober

Benefits of quitting

The top health benefits of quitting smoking include:

  • longer life expectancy
  • improved breathing
  • reduced stress
  • more energy
  • better fertility
  • improved senses
  • better teeth 
  • better sex

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of giving up, there is a Change4Life Stop Smoking service available locally offering specialist support, either one to one or in a group for those who need it. You can refer yourself using the online form above.

Access to stop smoking support is readily available. You can get support to stop smoking from your:

For more information go to NHS: Stop smoking.

Smoking During Pregnancy

Protecting your baby from tobacco smoke is one of the best things you can do to give your child a healthy start in life.

It's never too late to stop smoking. Every cigarette you smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, so smoking when you are pregnant harms your unborn baby. Cigarettes can restrict the essential oxygen supply to your baby, so their heart has to beat harder every time you smoke.

For more information on how smoking affects your baby and the benefits of stopping smoking in pregnancy, please visit Stop smoking in pregnancy.

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