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Have you thought about how alcohol can affect you?

Alcohol can have an impact on your mood, your level of energy and motivation.

We often drink because we want to change the way we feel, but growing evidence suggests that alcohol can have a negative effect on our mental health and physical health.

Are you worried about your alcohol intake?

Guidelines suggest that we shouldn't drink more than 14 units a week.  This is the equivalent to around 6 pints of lager, or 7 glasses of wine.  We should always have a couple of days away from alcohol a week, and shouldn't drink for at least 48 hours after binge drinking.

If you have concerns look out for the following patterns:

  • using alcohol to block how you feel
  • using alcohol to help you to sleep
  • using alcohol to fill time
  • drinking alcohol more regularly
  • drinking more and more alcohol

For facts about alcohol, visit NHS: Alcohol

If you have concerns regarding your alcohol intake you can contact your GP for support, to find your local GP visit NHS: Find your local GP.

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