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How much will I have to pay for care?

How much you will pay for your care depends on your circumstances and the kind of care you will receive.

To help us understand if you can afford to pay towards your care or not, we need to carry out an assessment of your finances. This covers things like income, savings and expenditure.

How are charges calculated?

The contribution you make is based on an assessment of your individual circumstances. We look at your weekly income from things like benefits, pensions and investments, and we look at savings as well. If you have more than £14,250 you will be expected to contribute £1 per week for every £250 of savings you have over this threshold. If you have more than £23,250, you will have to pay the full cost of your care package. We disregard some income such as earnings from employment, War Disablement Pension, some elements of War Widows Pension and some disability benefits. 

If you need home care or supported living services

What you pay will be calculated from the difference between your income and reasonable living costs. You will never be left with less than the government's minimum income level plus 25% per week.

If you need to go into a care home

Your care costs are a lot higher if you live in a care home. When this happens, the assessment will cover a broader range including any assets you may have. Assets include: savings, shares and other investments, and your house.

Declaring your finances

You don't have to provide details of your finances but if you don't we will have to charge the full cost of the services. You will never be charged more than the cost of the services you receive.

Which services are chargeable?

As part of our financial assessment process, we apply the following charges: 

Day care£36.07 per day
Personal care support£13.10 per hour
Domestic help£13.10 per hour
TelecareCosts vary
Transport£3 per journey
Meals (day centres)Costs vary

Please note that the prices shown are for indicative purposes and may differ slightly from those charged.

What will happen to my house?

Your property will usually be excluded from the financial assessment process if someone else is still living there, such as:

  • a spouse or partner
  • an elderly relative (over 60)
  • a young person (under 16)
  • a disabled adult

If you are moving into a care home permanently, your property will be excluded from the financial assessment for the first 12 weeks after you move in. From the 13th week, your property is included in the financial assessment, and you may have to sell it to pay for care. The council can provide temporary funding to pay for your care until your property is sold if you agree to pay this temporary funding back afterwards.

The rules around charges for residential and nursing home charges are complicated, and the above is for guidance only. In some circumstances different rules will apply.

How do I pay?

Usually, you will receive a bill every four weeks. However, there are other ways of paying, depending on your circumstances:

Direct Payments

If you receive care through a Direct Payment, we deduct your contribution automatically before you receive your payment.

Pay online

The easiest and most effective way of paying , see Pay your care fees online

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