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Living Better Lives (ASC)

Ways to pay for your care

We know you best understand what you need and we want to make it simple for you to be in control of these arrangements if you'd like to be.

We will help you plan for your needs and agree with you an approximate cost for the support you need.

This is called a Personal Budget.

You then have three options:

  1. Either you can shop for care and support (there are some restrictions) and use the regular payments you get from us to pay the people who provide you with these services. This is called a direct payment.
  2. Or we can arrange care and support for you and sort out payment, known as a Virtual Budget
  3. Or you can arrange some of the services yourself while we manage others

The amount of money we contribute to your support will be the same whichever method you choose.

One of our advisers can help you to understand more about your options.

If you want a Direct Payment, you can name a family member to manage payments on your behalf or use an independent company known as a Managed Account Company to manage and pay your bills.

For more information see Direct Payments.








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