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Living Better Lives (ASC)

Equipment and changes to your home (adult social care)


  1. Overview
  2. Changes to your home
  3. Finding the right equipment
  4. Request an assessment
  5. Bathing assessments
  6. Home assessments
  7. Who provides the equipment


Equipment can help people to live more independently in their home so they don't need to get outside support, such as carers.

Equipment may be helpful if you or someone you care for:

  • is frail or becoming frail
  • is disabled and needs more support around the home
  • has an illness or condition that makes everyday tasks more difficult

Equipment is useful with things like: 

  • having a bath or shower
  • going to the toilet
  • walking and getting around your home
  • reducing risk of accidents in your home
  • eating
  • coping with loss of your sight or hearing 

You can also make changes to your home to help you live independently. 

To get equipment or make changes to your home, you will need to request an assessment.

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Request support for yourself, a friend or relative

Need to talk to someone for advice about the right support for you, a friend or relative?

Our team of trained advisers is here to help guide you to the right support to help you remain independent.

This could include connecting you to facilities and resources that are available in your community, finding care support services that you can arrange yourself, or accessing care support from the Council if eligible.

Email the team at or call 0191 424 6000.

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