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Living Better Lives (ASC)

Equipment and changes to your home environment


Equipment is useful with things like:

  • Having a bath or shower
  • Eating
  • Coping with loss of your sight or hearing
  • Going to the toilet
  • Walking and getting around your home
  • Reducing risk of accidents in your home

Finding the right products for you

AskSARA provides advice and helps you find products that make daily living easier. It is an easy-to-use, award-winning self-help guide that is particularly useful if you are not sure what items might help you.

There are three easy steps:

  1. Choose from a list of topics
  2. Answer some questions
  3. Receive a personalised report with impartial advice and relevant product suggestions

Visit AskSARA for personalised advice and products

Living Better Lives Resource Centre

If you are referred by a doctor or the Let's Talk team, you can try out equipment at the Living Better Lives Resource Centre.

Making changes to your home

Making changes or adaptations to your home can also support you in performing everyday tasks safely.

For example: 

  • Installing a handrail could make getting in and out of the bath or shower much safer
  • Getting a specially designed stool, to help you take the weight off your feet while you do the washing up or prepare a meal, could be a simple way to keep on cooking for yourself

Many people find these small changes to be a big help in overcoming the effects of increasing frailty or ill-health, so they can continue to rely on themselves like before. If you have someone who supports you in everyday living, adaptations can also make it simpler for them.

Can I get help with the cost of making changes?

Sometimes equipment alone might not be enough to meet your needs, or the equipment you do need is quite substantial.

An Occupational Therapist can organise minor or major alterations to your home and will explain who funds and organises the work before making recommendations for the alterations to the relevant team.

A Disabled Facilities Grant is a grant from South Tyneside Council to help towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there. A grant is paid when the Council considers that changes are necessary to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical.

For more information please see Disabled Facilities Grant

Find companies and services that can help with equipment and adaptations

See below for a list of companies and services that can help with equipment and changes to your home.

If you rent your home from South Tyneside Homes or a housing association your landlord may be able to help adapt your home.

If you need a walking frame, please contact your local GP practice.

If you need to speak to someone, our team of trained advisers is here to help guide you to the right support to help you remain independent. Email the team at or call 0191 424 6000.

Equipment and advice services

  • Name
    British Red Cross
    The British Red Cross helps anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes.
  • Name
    Disability North
    Advice and services including equipment and adaptation services for older people and those with a disability.
  • Name
    Groundwork Shop
    The shops sells recycled and donated furniture and household goods.
  • Name
    Mobility Equipment Hire Direct
    This company rents out mobility equipment that can be delivered to locations across the UK and selected holiday destinations worldwide.
  • Name
    Northeast Stairlift
    Specialists in stairlifts for sale, rent or removal, that can also install your equipment.
  • Name
    Suppliers of hearing products including door bells and smoke alarms for your home.
  • Name
    South Tyneside Indigent Sick Society
    The charity can provide small, one-off grants for those with chronic or terminal illness, disabilities or serious health conditions.
  • Name
    Supra UK Ltd T/A Sentico
    Provider of key safes, door entry systems and smoke and carbon dioxide detectors.
  • Name
    TK Encasa
    Supplier of stair lifts, platform lifts, and home elevators.

Request support for yourself, a friend or relative

Need to talk to someone for advice about the right support for you, a friend or relative?

Our team of trained advisers is here to help guide you to the right support to help you remain independent.

This could include connecting you to facilities and resources that are available in your community, finding care support services that you can arrange yourself, or accessing care support from the Council if eligible.

Email the team at or call 0191 424 6000.

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